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Joint EPHAR‐EACPT Young Investigator Awards in Translational Pharmacology

The Federation of European Pharmacology Societies (EPHAR) and the European Association for Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (EACPT) are pleased to announce a joint initiative to recognise projects of excellence in translational research in pharmacology. There will be 2 awards of EUR 1,000 each that will be given in 2024 to young scientists who have published an outstanding research paper in the past two years.

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Applicants must
• be not more than 35 years of age on the deadline date
• have published an outstanding paper in 2022 or 2023 as first author
• have conducted the submitted study in an institution of a country member of EACPT and/or EPHAR
• be a member of one of the member societies of EPHAR or EACPT, or be an individual associate member of EACPT

Important note: A paper that has been selected for a YIA award by EACPT or EPHAR cannot be submitted again to this award.

Application documents (to be provided as a single pdf file):
• the original publication (if the paper is accepted but not yet published please send the manuscript and confirmation of acceptance)
• a one page statement describing the applicant’s specific scientific contribution to the research described in the publication
• proof of age (copy of personal ID document)
• submit a proof of membership to a EPHAR or EACPT member society (signed by an official of the society) or proof of individual associate membership of EACPT

The Executive Committees of the EACPT and EPHAR will nominate 3 members each who will evaluate the following aspects:
• Alignment of the published work to the topic of the call.
• Role of the applicant in the research work
• Expected impact of the research work
• Impact factor of the publication

The composition of the Evaluation Committee will take into account potential conflict of interest in the evaluation, with special attention to professional relationships with the applicants, their co-authors and their host institution.

Personal applications with all required documents (as a single pdf file) must be submitted in electronic form to:
EPHAR: Secretary General: Prof. N. Tuğba Durlu-Kandilci (
EACPT: Secretary: Dr. Joaquin Saez (

Subject of the emails should clearly state: Joint EPHAR-EACPT Young Investigator Awards in Translational Pharmacology

• Submission of the applications: 31 January 2024
• Outcome: 31 April 2024. To be announced both on the EACPT and EPHAR websites
• Award ceremony: EACPT 2024, Rotterdam, 8–11 June


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