As a specialist society and a professional association, SSCPT promotes research, training, information exchange and practical work in clinical pharmacology and toxicology. It represents the concerns of its members and maintains contact with authorities, the general public as well as national and international societies.

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As a section within SSCPT, SPT reports to the executive committee of SSCPT. SPT activities are governed by a steering committee that meets regularly and collaborates closely with SSCPT and ESPT, and coordinates efforts with other societies and partners with an interest in pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine.

SPT steering committee (2022 members):

Chair: Caroline Samer (Geneva)

Past chair: Marc Ansari (Geneva)

Secretary: position to be filled

Urs A. Meyer (Basel)

Alessandro Ceschi (Lugano)

Youssef Daali (Geneva)

Chin B. Eap (Lausanne)

Alexander Jetter (Zürich)

Carlo Largiadèr (Bern)

Roland P. Bühlmann (corporate member)

Administrative support: Margaret Sheridan Ostan