As a specialist society and a professional association, SSCPT promotes research, training, information exchange and practical work in clinical pharmacology and toxicology. It represents the concerns of its members and maintains contact with authorities, the general public as well as national and international societies.

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Research Centres in Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology

This page shows a list of centres undertaking research in the field of clinical pharmacology and toxicology. These centres may accept research contracts from private promoters. The maintenance of this list aims at facilitating contacts between promoters and investigators in Switzerland. However, the advertisers are responsible for the quality of the service they offer, and the Society takes no responsibility about the information presented here.

The following types of research work may be mandated from sponsors:

  • Drug determination in body fluids (e.g. HPLC techniques)
  • Prediction of pharmacokinetic characteristics of drugs according to in vitro experiments (e.g. liver microsomes)
  • Clinical studies in healthy volunteers about the safety, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of new drugs (e.g. Phase I studies)
  • Studies about physiological, pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic problems involving healthy subjects or specific groups of diseased volunteers, without therapeutic aim (e.g. drugs pharmacokinetics in chronic renal failure patients)
  • Drug utilisation studies, pharmaco-epidemiological inquiries, presription surveys, evaluations of public health interventions focused on drug use
  • Data analysis including pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic modelling, population pharmacokinetics, biostatistics, pharmacometry methods, etc.
  • Compilation and evaluation of study results, meta-analysis, systematic reviews, writing of clinical expert accounts or new drug registration files
  • Quality assessment of drug information, prescibers education, therapeutic teaching, patients education, compliance optimisation